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Enjoy the sea breeze and the original Greek colors, party until the early hours and leave a memory to your guests that will never be forgotten. Beach weddings are a must in Greece. Beach weddings are alluring for more reasons than one; and being out in the open, in a romantic oceanfront setting while the wind and waves sing their praises over your union, is one of those. They are far from the typical traditional wedding, which is often hosted within a church, or another elaborate indoor setting. That is not to say there aren’t other outdoor wedding types that aren’t appealing, like the garden wedding for example, but beach weddings are definitely in a category of their own.

A white wedding is a traditional wedding originating in Great Britain. The term originates from the white color of the wedding dress, which first became popular with Victorian era elites after Queen Victoria wore a white lace dress at her wedding. Planning a wedding takes time, patience, and most of all, a comprehensive and detailed list! We’ve created the Ultimate White Wedding Checklist to help you stay on track leading up to your white wedding and make sure you don’t forget a thing.

First things first: Planning a wedding can feel pretty overwhelming at times.  Weddings ideas are endless, Boho weddings are the fresh new up-beat wedding style.  Bohemian weddings are all about channeling effortless, elegant style. Creating atmosphere for intimate weddings worldwide, from concept to closing time. where creativity meets choreography, from day one, to day of.

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